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In memory of Tyrus

Sadly we have lost our beautiful black pearl. We are devistated to say the very least and struggling to comprehend that he is gone. Tyrus was a special boy who was loved and adored by many. We will update this page as a tribute to him and how wonderful he was in due time. At the moment it just hurts too much.

Tyrus fan Bosksicht was a ster stallion issues with a breeding permit for Australia issued by the Dutch Friesian Horse Studbook. His sire is Andries 415 and grand sire is the great Preferent stallion Tsjerk. Tyrus's mother line consisted of Ster, ster, model + pref, ster + pref, ster. His dam, Whita fan Bosksicht, is by Abe 346 has only one more of her offspring to obtain ster for her to receive her preferent status. His famous granddam is Pinksterblom - 8 of her 9 offspring have been awarded ster, which makes her a preferent mare, one more and she will be a double preferent! Of those 8 ster's she has three model daughters.

Tyrus completed a ridden test in Holland for the main stallion selection in the second chance exhibition, he did very well but missed out on being selected. He has a magnificent temperament and is a beautiful example of the modern Friesian horse. He is a little lighter in bone, with uphill conformation, long for arm, forward movement with powerful propulsion from behind. Combined with suppleness and strength he is the discerning sport horse breeder’s choice. His dressage career started amazingly well and he possessed natural ability, an excellent work ethic and super style. RIP Tyrus, we love you.

Photos by Nadeen

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